Digital in a

Download our FREE white paper, a must-read for marketers facing the challenge of the global COVID recession.


Tackle the COVID recession head-on with our comprehensive and upbeat overview of key challenges facing marketers and how to maintain relevance in digital channels during the downturn.

Written by Fresh Egg strategy director Nate Wood, our white paper provides digital marketers comprehensive information on how to succeed even in unprecedented times. The white paper provides insight into:

  • How the COVID recession will favour digital
  • The change in customer behaviour
  • Why monitoring customer behaviour on-site is crucial
  • The need to know what customers actually want
  • Why planning is your best friend
  • Knowing which work needs to be done
  • How to produce a channel vs traffic type matrix
  • Being agile with digital marketing operations
  • Why you should not be afraid to fail
  • Why you need to optimise everything
  • An essential list of do's and don'ts

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